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The Rotary Peace Fellow Outreach Program

Chair:   Catherine Bonifant
​Peace Fellow alumni members: Sheunesu Hove, Jacob Kahemele, Lisa Dittmar, Godfrey Mukalazi
Objectives:  To encourage membership of the Rotary Peace Fellowship alumni to join with Rotary in promoting peace.
Information on the RPF can be found on the Rotary International website as well as videos produced by the Rotary Centres.
A peacemaker trained by The Rotary Foundation travels from England to Australia to help Sudanese refugees prepare to return home and resolve conflicts.
How to get involved
2. Join the Rotarian Action Group for Peace (RAGFP)  
3. Recruit candidates for the Rotary Peace Fellowship:
Rotary members are vital to recruiting qualified candidates. You can help advance peace in troubled areas around the world by promoting peace fellowships and supporting peace fellow candidates through the application process.
4.Sponsor a Rotary Peace Fellow alumni into Rotary 
Ask the Rotarian Peace Fellow alumni in the eClub OWR and the RAGFP to make the connections.
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