Vocational Service - Rotary's First Concept 
A very interesting read by  Cliff Dochterman, Past RI President (Delivered at Presidential Celebration – Vancouver July 19, 2003).

“It is extremely fitting that this first Presidential Celebration of the 2003-2004 Rotary year features Vocational Service. No matter how much we like to think that Paul Harris and his friends created Rotary for such noble ideas of humanitarian service, goodwill and world understanding — it just was not the case.Rotary was started for business reasons and professional purposes. Paul Harris had the unusual idea that friendship and business might mix and result in even more business!

October is Vocational Service Month  
Each weekly program this month will have Vocation as a theme. 
We will have 4 weeks where we will talk about the different vocational professions and show case more in depth what they do. 
Often, we are in admiration of anyone that chooses a vocational profession as we all know how much dedication this type of profession needs.
Here is our October schedule...
Oct 4Hospice Care
Oct 11 Teachers Worldwide
Oct 18Is being a Rotarian a calling?
Oct 25Memorable Rotary "International Experiences" by William Boyd

October Birthdays and Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Brenda Small (Oct 04),  Ashley Bayley (Oct 09), Ozlem Kocanaogullari (Oct 11), Lawrence Aikins (Oct 12), Paolo Zucca (Oct 15), Godfrey Mukalazi (Oct 16), Derron John  (Oct 21).

Spouse Birthdays
Kevin O'Bar (Oct 24), spouse of Dawn O'Bar
Wedding Anniversaries
Jay Thompson and Chong Ja Thompson (33 years)

Rotary Anniversaries
Rahman Abdul, Basit Abdul, William Mosby, Godfrey Mukalazi, Nurse, Osbert

Fire Truck to Belize
The Rotary E-Club of One World is raising funds to help one of our members, Nabil Bedewi, bring a Fire Truck to Placencia, Belize through the non-profit Believe in Belize.
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