December Birthdays and Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Thoko Mkwanazi (Dec 06), Cliff Williams (Dec 06), Curtis Mathews (Dec 10), Ken Meyer (Dec 14), Michael Henstra (Dec 17), Kwame Acheampong (Dec 18), J.T. Turner (Dec 26) and President Amina Sammo (Dec 29).

Spouse Birthdays
Kareen Bedewi - Dec 03 (Spouse of Nabil) and Cathy Mukalazi - Dec 08 (Spouse of Godfrey).

Rotary Anniversaries
Amanda Richards (25 years), Richard “One Dollar” Otoo (7 years), Jacob Kahemele (Honorary-5 years) and PDG Elizabeth Cytra (22 years).

Attention OWR Members!
Members reporting their Community & International Service activities in November
Bernadine Janzen, Brenda Newman, Bill Boyd, Carol Metzker, Elizabeth Cytra, Viktor Cytra and Pat Fisher.  Our Rotarians at Work!  Thanks a million!
Please report your volunteer service hours using this form:
And your makeup meeting or activity using this form:
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