April Birthdays and Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Osbert Nurse, Apr 01 - Lisa Leitz, Apr 05 - Catherine Massey, Apr 05 - Maria Berntson, Apr 13 - Jeremy Moreno, Apr 15 - Suresh Ranade, Apr 19 - Patricia Fisher, Apr 24.

Spouse Birthdays
No spouse birthdays found.
Wedding Anniversaries
Michael Henstra & Karen Northcutt, 39 years.

Rotary Anniversaries
Maria Berntson, 27 years - Michael Henstra, 39 years - Wayne Snyder, 15 years - Thoko Mkwanazi, 4 years.

Capture the Moment at the 2019
Rotary Convention in Hamburg
1-5 June 2019

Fire Truck to Belize
The Rotary E-Club of One World is raising funds to help one of our members, Nabil Bedewi, bring a Fire Truck to Placencia, Belize through the non-profit Believe in Belize.
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Attention OWR Members!
Members reporting their Community & International Service activities in February
Nabil Bedewi, Bill Boyd, Viktor Cytra, Patricia Fisher, Bernadine Janzen, Carol Metzker and Dawn Obar.
Our Rotarians at Work!  Thanks a million!
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