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August Birthdays and Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Nabil Bedewi, Aug 02, Osbert James, Aug 07 & Nancy Cheney, Aug 20.

Spouse Birthdays
Casualene Meyer spouse of Ken, Aug 05, Jeff Jeffrey spouse of Nancy Cheney, Aug 17, Timothy Prenta spouse of Donna Aug 21 & Roy Massey spouse of Catherine, Aug 22.
Wedding Anniversaries
Dawn & Kevin O'Bar, 38 years Aug 01, Amina Sammo &  Braimah, 34 years Aug 11 & 
Professor Alabi-Efeshodiamhe & Bola-Ige Efeshodiamhe, 4 years.

Rotary Anniversaries
Tamara Thorn, 4 years, Christen Franken, 5 years, Tomica Bess, 3 years & Fabion Jerrick, 3 years.

Fire Truck to Belize
The Rotary E-Club of One World is raising funds to help one of our members, Nabil Bedewi, bring a Fire Truck to Placencia, Belize through the non-profit Believe in Belize.
Click here for more information.  Please login on this page with your My Rotary account.

Attention OWR Members!
Members reporting their Community & International Service activities in July
Carol Metzker, Bernadine Janzen & Robert Skankey.
Thanks a million!
Please report your volunteer service hours using this form:
And your makeup meeting or activity using this form:
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