Did you know that two of our club members come from Dakota Territory?

Dakota Territory


The Dakota Territory was first explored by French hunters and fur traders. This area has an abundance of fish, wild life and Indians. The area was named after a tribe from the Sioux Indians called the Dakotas. Dakota means "Friends." The Dakota Territory was part of the northern section of the Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803. The Louisiana Purchase was over 2 million square Kilometers stretching from the Gulf of Mexico into Canada and roughly doubled the size of the USA.






The Louisiana Purchase in a Nutshell: 1:11 min


The Dakota territory was established in 1861 and remained as one territory until 1889 when the territory was accepted into the United States of America. Thought to be too big to govern, the territory was split in half, North and South, both of which were admitted simultaneously.

This area is known for its great hunting and fishing. The wildlife includes buffalo, elk, deer, wild horses, pronghorn antelopes, beavers and small animals. It is a hunting haven as many hunters descend on the area in the fall in search of or ringneck Pheasants, mallard ducks and Canadian Geese. The ringneck (notice the white ring) is the State Bird of South Dakota.

Dakota Territory is very flat—the northern plains and mostly farming Except for the dark spot on the lower left side of the map--the Black Hills noted for tourism.


This short video primarily shows the Black Hills Area.
South Dakota: Your American Journey 2013: 1:01 min


The following video is about North Dakota but is representative of most of South Dakota also.
North Dakota: 6:22 min


North Dakota has more recently become known for the Bakken oil reserves supposedly with more oil that the rest of the known oil reserves in the world.
The North Dakota Miracle: Fracking in the Bakken: 3:27 min


South Dakota is known more for historic reasons, Indians, tourism and hunting.


Top 5 Things to Do in Black Hills, South Dakota and Wyoming: 2:50 min


And a musical break in South Dakota.
Oglala Nation Pow Wow: 1:56 min



Dick is from the town of Armour. Armour was in the middle of farm land and, at a population of 892,(now less than 700) was the largest town in the area. The closest "city" was Mitchell with about 6,800 people and the home to the World's only corn palace—completely covered by organic material every year.

Armour offered total freedom and great opportunities, such as driving a delivery car at the age of 10. Severe winters do not bother youth. The coldest was 45 degrees below zero AND that was not a record!


Ken was raised and lives in Madison, a town of 6000 people. Ken enjoyed growing up in Madison as the oldest of ten children. As a youth, he worked summers in his father's and grandfather's beekeeping business which took him to small towns across the Dakota Territory, North and South Dakota. Madison is a little over 100 miles from Armour.

South Dakota has a vast assortment of tourist attractions. To list a few Deadwood gulch with gun-toting Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Water sports on the dammed up Missouri River, Needles, Bad Lands, Black Hills, Wind Caves with worlds longest cave, Rodeos, Indian PowWows, Custer's Last stand, native Indians, very popular hunting, especially deer, pheasants, duck and geese. Also, fishing, camping, Hot springs, hiking, highest point east of the Rockies—Harney Peak. And do not be surprised if you have to stop and wait for a herd of wild donkeys or buffalos.


Did I mention winter sports? Look what you have in South Dakota in the winter. Did you ever wonder how the driver of snow plow knows where he is going?


Yes those are cars down there!


Parking your snowmobile on the roof is handy:


When you look out your window in the morning, you might want to go outside to get somefresh air. Now if you can only open the door, you could have a refreshing beer with your spouse!

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