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Meeting Date: 5 October 2012

Prepared By: George Firican


Helping Autism through Hippotherapy


Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction, communication and restricted and repetitive behaviors.  The prevalence of autism is about 1-2 per 1,000 people worldwide and parents can usually notice the signs in the first two years of their child’s life. The sooner these children and their parents can receive help, the better.

A.A.C.A.R. “Horia Motoi” (The Association for Helping Autistic Children in Romania “Horia Motoi”) is a Romanian organization trying to help children suffering from autism and their parents by providing them with information, pairing them with the right therapists, doctors and institutions and also facilitating different kinds of group and therapy sessions.

 Helping autistic children at one of Horia Motoi's centers:  


Why hippotherapy?
Hippotherapy is a form of therapy through horseback riding that has been used successfully to help people with physical and mental disabilities, particularly autism. This activity has shown to improve the communication, motor skills, and social skills of people suffering from autism. One of the problems an autistic person faces is the fact that he/she cannot usually ignore one of the senses and let the others dominate like others do and instead they smell/ hear/ taste, and feel, and think all at once giving them a sensory overload that is stressful for them. Riding a horse helps them concentrate on just that. 
Also when a child with poor communication skills wants the horse to walk they have to use a verbal command to direct the horse to move. They would also build a bond with the horse and the handler of the horse as they would have to learn from them how to have the horse maneuver in one direction or another. This helps the children also focus on something other than themselves which is not easy for people with autism.

Photos of past hippotheraphy sessions put together by A.A.C.A.R. "Horia Motoi":




Videos about hypotherappy on autistic children:

Horse Therapy Helps Autistic Boy (1:50)


Autism Therapy On Horseback, The Horse Boy, CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta Talks With Rupert Isaacson (4:59)


More sources to read:

Raise funds to donate to A.A.C.A.R. “Horia Motoi” in order for the autistic children to be able to benefit from the horse therapy sessions. 
Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes and it costs 50 RON (roughly $14.38 USD or $14.03 CAD or € 11.13). This covers the expenses for the child’s therapist , the horse handler, and the horse associated fees. 
The more money raised will be able to help more autistic children.


A.A.C.A.R. "Horia Motoi" Contact Information

Websites: |


Address: Str. Zambilelor nr.62-64, mansarda, sector 2, Bucuresti, Romania

Phone numbers: +4 | +4 0724.000.703


How can you help?

You can choose to contact them directly through any of the above mediums, or make a donation in their account.

Euro Bank Account: IBAN: RO27 BTRL 0440 4205 E684 81XX | C.I.F. 17159125



Thank you!

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