Meeting Date: 31 August 2012

Prepared By: Lisa Griffin


On Personal Courage

I first saw this video a little over a year ago. As an Organizational Development Consultant I, as well as my colleagues, are always scanning for resources that may be of benefit to our organization and the people within it. has been one website where we have found several useful "talk" videos that we have ultimately incorporated into our work in some way or another. This video was shared by someone who we partner with frequently and as I watched this with my team we agreed that the message was a powerful one.

To us we could see the value that being vulnerable brings to all aspects of life. Specifically, as it related to the work we do in our organization, we realized that if people could be open to this idea of vulnerability it could be a HUGE way to move closer towards trusting, collaborative relationships. If we allow ourselves to be vulnerable by, for example, opening up even just a little about ourselves, then that encourages others to do the same and as that happens, more and more people start to build trust to the point of being able to share openly/honestly while also being able to give/receive feedback more effectively.

We've played this video in several team building sessions and it has been very helpful. A lot of times we've heard the argument, "Well in order to build trust I have to share very deep, personal information with my coworkers/employees and I don't want to have to do that." This is a level of vulnerability that most people don't want to go near and in reality they don't have to. This video has allowed us to argue that we must first be vulnerable with ourselves (admitting what our strengths and weaknesses are) and then we can begin to be vulnerable with others - not by "putting it all out there" and exposing our deepest secrets, but by giving others the honor/privilege to know just a nugget of information about ourselves so that, in turn, they will feel comfortable to do the same. It can be the lowest level of vulnerability that can open up the flood gates for deep, meaningful connection and hopefully transparent communication.


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