Posted by Amina Sammo on Oct 05, 2018
Greetings fellow Rotarians and guests!
Welcome to the
Rotary E-Club of One World!
October in Rotary is officially the Economic and Community Development Month. This speaks to what almost every club works on at some point throughout the Rotary year, either locally or abroad and specifically for us all around the world. And with the natural disasters that have swept through many regions in September, 2018, we’re reminded of the long-term benefits of our projects and how individually and as a club we can continue to make impact in people’s lives.
According to the United Nations, global unemployment increased from 170 million people in 2007 to nearly 202 million in 2012, about 75 million of whom were young women and men. October, Rotary Economic and Community Development Month, is a great opportunity to leverage your vocational skills to help meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 8: promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment, and decent work for all. Read on for ideas on how to empower members of your community.
Generate income and savings
  • Partner with a local micro-lender to improve access to financial services and provide financial infrastructure within a community.
  • Offer training on mobile banking resources. Mobile phones, which can be used to make deposits and transfer funds, can increase access to banking systems in developing communities.
Empower members of your community through jobs and entrepreneurship
  • Provide training in skills and leadership for young people and women.
  • Host an event for business networking and professional development.
  • Send a vocational training team to teach business leaders in developing communities how to create a business plan and maintain accurate financial accounting.
Support economic and community development projects on Rotary Ideas and join a Rotary discussion group   (This link will require login to My Rotary) to share your expertise with fellow Rotarians from around the world.
October being also the economic empowerment month, we are blessed as a club to celebrate some of our members. We have birthday celebrations for Rotarians Lawrence Aikins, Viktor Cytra, Ozlem Kocanaogullari, Paolo Zucca and Honorary member Godfrey Mukalazi; for Rotarian spouses, we are celebrating Kevin O’Bar in honor of PP Dawn O’Bar. On wedding anniversary, we are celebrating Jay and Chong Ja Thompson. Congratulations to you all and hope to celebrate more and more in the coming years with you first as members of the Rotary E-Club of One World and as Rotarians. We are also fortunate to celebrate Maria Berntson for 26 years of Rotary membership three of which has been with our club.
October Meeting content will be made possible by the Economic and Community Development Committee. Let us all support them to deliver and set the standards for all of us to look up to.
Before we end the meeting, here are the statistics for members’ attendance and meeting which have been closed and the picture doesn’t look good at all:
July 20, 54.55%, 31 members + 7 guests = 38
August 03, 51.79%, 30 members + 6 guests = 36
August 10, 48.21%, 27 members + 2 guests = 29
August 17, 42.86%, 24 members + 3 guests = 27
Let us all look forward to another fantastic meeting coming up next and let’s all endeavor to attend meetings regularly to see what role we have to play in the current Rotary year.
Let’s all continue to BE THE INSPIRATION!!!
Yours in Rotary Service,
Amina Sammo
President 2018/2019
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