Posted by Michael Henstra on Mar 30, 2018
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The Student Solar Lights have arrived in Zimbabwe!
Last March we asked for donations to send Solar Lights to Zimbabwe.  Partnering with the Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning (home club of OWR Honorary Member and PDG Wade Nomura) our donation was matched and 76 solar lights have now arrived in Zimbabwe.  Our International Service Director, Thoko Mkwanazi who is from Zimbabwe and arranged the shipping, sent the following message.
"I am pleased to  inform you that the Solar Lights did arrive, finally!  They arrived in late January and the school was unable to collect the lights until early March. I had some barrels of used clothing that I was sending to family members that desperately need them and decided to send the solar lights to the same destination.  You will see in the attached, my niece handing over the lights to the Headmaster of Thekwane High School.
Thank you again for supporting the well deserving young adults at Thekwane High."
Many thanks to those OWR members who helped bring some light into the lives of those students in Zimbabwe!
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