Posted by Amina Sammo on Aug 03, 2018
Greetings fellow Rotarians and guests!
Welcome to the
Rotary E-Club of One World!
In the spirit of Rotary which binds us together to serve above self for the betterment of humanity and the world, let us share the Rotary Four Way Test of the Things we think, say or do; for which in District 5240 (D5240), a fifth has been added.
  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concern?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concern?
  5. Is it FUN?
On July 28, 2018 as scheduled we had a fantastic meeting on the District Governor’s visit to our Club. On board to attend the meeting physically via Zoom all thanks to the Zoom Meeting Master IPP Michael Henstra were IPP Michael himself, Dawn O’Bar, Bill Boyd, Kenneth Meyer, Laurie Deppa all from the USA, Paolo Zucca from Italy, Seth Acheampong, Richard Nii Commey Otoo, Ahmed Habib and my good self, Amina Sammo from Ghana. You guys really rocked the show. Thank you so much for attending and offering your wonderful submissions.
District Governor of District 5240 for 2018/2019 Sandi Schwartz, DG Sandi, as she is affectionately called, was on point with her presentation and the discussions that followed summed it all up so nicely. All the action was recorded for this week's program, so please find time to watch it. Especially if you missed the meeting, don’t miss the video.
In August as a club we are blessed to have members who have enjoyed another 365 days of life and activities. We have birthdays for Rotarians Nabil 2nd, Nancy 20th and Elizabeth 23rd; for Rotarian spouses we have Casualene - Kenneth’s for 5th, Jeff – Nancy’s for 17th and Roy - Catherine’s for 22nd; one wedding anniversary Dawn and Kevin, 37 years for 1st and finally Rotary membership for Michele – 2 years, Tamara – 3 years, Christen – 4 years and Viktor – 21 years. Congratulations to you all and hope to celebrate more and more in the coming years with you.
As said in our previous meeting, the meeting content for August will be made possible and available by the Membership and New Club Development Committee. Let us all support them to deliver and set the standards for all of us to look up to.
Let us all look forward to another fantastic meeting coming up next and let’s all endeavor to attend meetings regularly to see what role we have to play in the current Rotary year.
Let’s all continue to BE THE INSPIRATION!!!
Yours in Rotary Service,
Amina Sammo
President 2018/2019
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