Posted on Nov 29, 2019
Savi Bhim - District 5240 Governor 2019-2020
Official Visit - 23 November 2019
Savi Bhim is a member of the Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise. She was the club's president in 2013-14. It was a fun year and the members were outstanding. The club was recognized for the highest giving to the RI Foundation, they netted 10 new members, started the YES program and earned the best overall club recognition in the district.
At the District level, Savi has served in many capacities including Assistant Governor, Membership Advisor, Instructor, Chief of Staff, and has emceed many district events. She also served as the PETS Facilitator for several years.
Savi has traveled to many countries and has participated in several projects. In Itoseng South Africa, her club supported her in a project to assist an AIDS clinic, In a span of seven years the clinic treated 70,000 children and mothers infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. In Guyana, South America she spearheaded a wheel chair project and was able to provide over 500 people with the gift of mobility.
The District's theme of  "One world , One Rotary" resonates deeply with Savi because Rotary creates a world of unity in our projects and in our ability to  bring people together of different beliefs, cultures, countries, and finds common understanding not through our similarities but rather through our differences.
Savi is a business owner and lives in Simi Valley. She loves people, reading books, music, traveling, and becoming immersed in the cultures of others.
Many thanks to our members and guests from the Rotary E-Club of Innovation for joining in to welcome Governor Savi!
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