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The Four Way Test

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The Four Way Test

President's Message

Ken Meyer

President 2020-2021
Greetings fellow Rotarians and guests!
Welcome to the Rotary E-Club of One World!


Dear Rotary E-Club of One World,
As I write the polar vortex has caught up with my area of the United States.  Today in Madison, South Dakota it is a -20° Fahrenheit or -29° Celsius.
In club news, you will have noted that we are no longer using Workplace to communicate.  The service was no longer available for free, and the board voted to move our club to Microsoft Teams.  Please take some time to make sure you accept your personal invitation to join Teams.  Then take some time to move around in Teams to become familiar with how it works.  This is of course an adjustment for all of us.  A friend of mine is fond of saying that no one likes a change except a baby with a dirty diaper.  Once again though one of the best parts of our club comes forward—we are adaptable and able to change and be current.  One of the best things about being in an E-Club is learning different technologies and formats for communicating with one another across regional and international borders.
Another change in the works is an updated look to our website.  Thanks to everyone who has responded to my earlier request that you help out our Club Services Director, Gabriella, by sending her a short video clip.  As one last call for this assistance, I repeat here what I sent to each of you in an email:
“Gabriella is updating our website.  To make it more attractive and vibrant she is putting together a montage of club members (or connected Rotarians) saying in one sentence "I am a Rotarian because ... [fill in the blank]." When I first tried to do this for Gabriella I ended up sending her what she described as a "talking head."  I learned that the landscape video you take with your phone should include at least from your shoulders up.  Also, she needs for you to let the video run a couple of seconds after you finish speaking so that she can edit out your finger stopping the video.  Finally, use your native language when making the recording, and if your native language is not English, send Gabriella a translation of your sentence along with your video.  Gabriella will be glad to answer your questions about doing your video if you need further guidance. Please honor all the hard work that Gabriella is doing to update the look, content, and functionality of our club website by sending her your video ASAP.” If you feel uncomfortable for any reason on video, not to worry, she has suggested to send her directly via email or whatsapp a sentence of what you think of being a Rotarian. Start the same way as the video: "I am a Rotarian because....".
And hope to see you at our next fellowship assembly.
Ken Meyer, Club President 2020-2021
Rotary E-Club of One World




Our speaker today is PDG Nick Frankle
From the Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise, District 5240.
Rotary Action Groups: “Eliminating Poverty by Empowering the People”
Today, Claudine Schooley took over the program as she has a direct relationship with Nick Frankle and it is fun to interview someone you know and work with.
Nick Frankle joined the Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise in 2003.  He was club president in Rotary Year 2006-07.  During his year as president, the club was selected the best medium club in District 5240 and the best large service organization in his home community of Thousand Oaks.
Nick was District Governor of Rotary District 5240 in 2016-17.  Prior to that, Nick served District 5240 in various positions.  He currently serves as Peacebuilder Club Chair and Endowment and Major Gifts Chair.
Nick is a Major Donor, and member of the Bequest Society and the Paul Harris Society. He is a graduate of the District 5240 PRLS and Master PRLS leadership training programs. For RY 2012-13, Nick was the recipient of the District 5240 Samuel L. Greene Service Above Self award.
Nick is retired from a career in software development management and international telecommunications.  
Nick is Chair of the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development - an organization that helps Rotarians plan, implement, and manage projects that alleviate poverty and create impactful and sustainable economic improvements in poor and underserved communities. He is also an advisor to the Pepperdine University Masters Program in Social Entrepreneurship.
Nick serves on the Southwest PETS committee and the Zone 26/27 Education Committee helping to train Rotary’s future leaders.
Nick has participated in projects around the world.  He has seen how Rotarians change the world “one life at a time” while understanding that the people most changed by humanitarian projects are the Rotarians themselves.
Enjoy this program and a big thank you to Claudine for doing a great job!

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