Posted by G van Rij on Apr 11, 2021


Program Meeting April 11, 2021
Global Humanitarian Overview 2021


Global Humanitarian Overview 2021
I read this article the other day and realized how much work we as Rotarians have to continue to do to be able to help others.
In 2021, 235 million people will need humanitarian assistance and protection.
This number has risen to 1 in 33 people worldwide - a significant increase from 1 in 45 at the launch of the Global Humanitarian Overview 2020, which was already the highest figure in decades. The UN and partner organizations aim to assist 160 million people most in need across 56 countries and will require a total of $35 billion to do so.
The Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) is the world’s most comprehensive, authoritative, and evidence-based assessment of humanitarian needs. Through plans that prioritize those most in need, it aims to fight hunger, killer diseases, gender-based violence, and displacement.
Please read more by clicking on this link.
It is a very nice read and it might give us a few ideas where we can help.
If any member has not logged into Teams as of yet, please contact me so that I can assist you on Teams and on our Whatsapp group.
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