Posted by G van Rij on Oct 31, 2020


Program Meeting October 31, 2020

Culture & Education to bring back to the people of Benin





Culture & Education to bring back to the people of Benin
presented by our member Dominique Radanyi
Dominique Radanyi who is a new member of our Eclub of One World and was born in Paris in a Hungarian family. She specialized in contemporary American poetry at a university and worked as a translator with the languages English and Hungarian. She also worked at the French public service radio for 36 years and is now retired.
The goals of the association Asán Ogàn which Dominique co-founded in Benin, is to help the cultural and educational aspect. We want to assist children to reconnect to their culture and support painters, photographers, and musicians to make them known on a local and global scale. Here are some pictures:
Thank you, Dominique, you saw the need and you acted selflessly to help a country and it's people to bring back their lost culture, "bravo"! 
Education and culture are important for any country but after hearing about Benin, I realize the beauty of what you are doing for them.
I hope you enjoy this program,


If you cannot see this video CLICK HERE