Posted by G van Rij on Dec 13, 2020


Program Meeting December 13, 2020
Preventing Childhood Blindness and Low Vision




Preventing Childhood Blindness and Low Vision
presented by Marianne Kooij an honorary member in the Netherlands
Fellow Rotarian Marianne Kooij from the Netherlands is one of the people I had the pleasure to meet face to face in Europe. She often visits our Fellowship Meetings and is also an Honorary Member of the Rotary Eclub of Innovation in the UK and a member of the Eclub of Greater Cape Town in South Africa
Marianne has always been in education and is absolutely passionate about helping children with their vision. She has traveled to many African countries and knows firsthand what is needed to help prevent blindness and low vision impaired children. She hopes that this program will give you interest in a topic that is often forgotten as we hope the teachers can help the students. But like Marianne will tell us they do not have specific training or the tools to help these students.
Here are some awesome pictures Marianne took on her travels in Africa, surrounding blindness and vision impairment. 
Black Board difficult to read
This last image is a group of Teachers getting blindfolded for Braille. I suppose it gives them an idea of what their students would feel or go through.
Thank you Marianne for being a great Rotarian and for helping these students.
Enjoy this program!

If you cannot see this video please CLICK HERE