Posted by Michael Henstra on Sep 28, 2018
On 22 September we had the pleasure of welcoming William 'Will' Mosby as a guest speaker at a special Zoom meeting.  Many thanks to Nabil Bedewi for inviting Will to Speak to us.  Since his presentation, Will has submitted his application to join the Rotary E-Club of One World!
StreetCents is a think-tank that focuses on addressing the challenges of marginalized or lower income communities by offering different perspectives and solutions than those traditionally applied.
Be it a building or an issue, constructs can look completely different depending on one’s point of view; only when viewed by multiple sides can an object be definitively identified and – in the case of a challenge – corrected.
StreetCents Corporation is a non-profit organization which applies proven tactics, quantifiable data, logical actions, and blunt honesty to resolve issues impacting afflicted communities.
Our program invites accomplished individuals, helming from similar socio-economic backgrounds as our audience, to share their real-life personal and professional challenges which they overcame, as well as the positive experiences that empowered them, to achieve financial stability. More than just speaking engagements, StreetCents' goal is to establish long-term relationships and mentorships with the communities it serves.
Rather it be the curly-haired individual living in public housing or the straight- haired person struggling in the trailer park, StreetCents focuses on the commonalities that strengthens communities - such as income, drives, and concerns - not the differences that can divide - like color, status, or culture.
A software and system architect with over 20 years experience, William "Will" Mosby has held senior engineering positions with premier companies such as Verizon, HP, Toyota, and Bank of America. In addition to finding the StreetCents Corporation, Mr. Mosby is the owner of DataScrapers LLC and Cynqbit Software LLC, an adjunct professor of computer science, and avid community volunteer. In his spare time, Mr. Mosby is a private, aircraft pilot and martial arts enthusiast - that enjoys traveling abroad and spending time with his family.

After receiving a used Commodore VIC-20, personal computer at the age of 8, Mr. Mosby discovered his lifelong passion for computer programming. At the age of 11, Mr. Mosby moved from the, then, middle-class, Miller Park community of North Omaha to the underserved, Lothrop area - this first, of many drastic shifts in environments, served as the foundation for the StreetCents' ideology.

Later while establishing his career in Arizona, Mr. Mosby was fortunate to work and socialize with peers from many different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds - through these relationships, he learned that people, and situations, were so much more than the single-perspective beliefs instilled by his support system growing up. Mr. Mosby learned that not only are stereotypes and baseless assumptions usually incorrect, they're often very oppressive to the personal and professional growth of those holding said impressions.

Built on the experiences, observations, and countless mistakes of both himself and peers, Will Mosby developed the StreetCents Corporation with the sole purpose of empowering individuals. By employing objective thought, mutual respect, and genuine concern - StreetCents Corporation strives to offer it's audience a full, unbiased perspective on the obstacles they face.
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