Posted by Barbara Gaughen-Muller on Feb 08, 2019
by Rotary E-Club of World Peace Rotarian Barbara Gaughen-Muller with Fred Arment.
A conversation with Fred Arment who is the Founding Director of International Cities of Peace and Barbara Gaughen-Muller.  Barbara is the president of the Santa Barbara and Tri-County chapter of the United Nations Association.
Barbara was inspired by her late husband, Dr. Robert  Muller, former United Nations Assistant Secretary-General. Barbara will be leading the effort for  Santa Barbara, California to become an International City of Peace.  Barbara predicts "we will meet our goal of 1000 cities of peace five  years early in year 2020."
Consider the benefits of peace.  "At International Cities of Peace we believe in the consensus values of safety, prosperity and quality of life and a "Vision for a Global Community."

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