Introduction by member Catherine Bonifant –Chair of D5240 Peace Fellowship subcommittee.
 EClub member and Rotary Peace Fellow Alumnus, Jacob Kahemele successfully applied for the Rotary Peace Fellowship in 2012 for the 2013 intake.
As Chair of the Rotary Peace Fellowship subcommittee for District 9640, I had identified Jacob as a worthy candidate and assisted him with the process involved in applying to the RI Peace Centre. 
Jacob had earlier suspended his career as an Anglican minister, engaged in HIV/Aids education and an international speaker on the subject, to accompany his wife, Theodora to Australia to assist in looking after their young daughter while Theodora was a doctoral candidate at Bond University 
Recently Jacob and Catherine returned to the Rotary club that sponsored Jacob for the Fellowship and supported his initial membership of the eClub of One World.  The Power Point presentation has been converted to a video for the purposes of this program.
To assist in the reading of the text on the slides, click on the video to stop it before proceeding.
 Please contact me (see Catherine Bonifant – International Director in lists on the homepage)  if you have a worthy candidate in mind.  The applicants can be sponsored by any Rotary district that is prepared to review the application and interview the candidate (can be via phone or Skype).
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