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Meeting Date: 22 March 2013

Prepared By: George Firican


Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal



What if I told you western countries throw out nearly half of their food? Do you find this shocking? It gets worse. This food is not thrown out because it is inedible, but rather because it does not look appealing.

Tristram Stuart delves into the shocking data of wasted food, calling for a more responsible use of global resources and shows how changing the systems that result in food waste could be one of the simplest ways to reduce pressure on the environment.


Food waste

The harsh truth is that in western countries good, fresh food is being wasted on a colossal scale because of reasons explained in his video below.
9 billion people are expected to occupy the planet by 2050 and people are taking about the need to increase global food production to be able to feed all those people. Considering how much food it is currently wasted, perhaps there would be enough food to feed those numbers right now, without having to increase production and therefore put an even greater burden on the environment.

“At the moment, we are trashing our land to grow food that no one eats. Stop wasting food.” – Tristram Stuart, The global food waste scandal.

Tristram Stuart: The global food waste scandal. 14:16 minutes



Who is Tristram Stuart?

He is the winner of the international environmental award The Sophie Prize in 2011 and also the founder of Feeding the 5000, a consciousness raising campaign where 5000 members of the public are given a free lunch using only ingredients that otherwise would have been wasted.

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