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Greetings fellow Rotarians and guests!
Welcome to the
Rotary E-Club of One World!
Dear Fellow OWR Members,
Welcome back for another meeting. We are already in September. This month our area of focus will be Basic Education & Literacy, so any ideas for any new projects are most welcome! There are a lot of projects all over the world that can be done in this area, and so many of them are most needed, and really do not have to be too difficult to do. The members of my first Rotary club in Turkey took a course in training volunteers to teach illiterate people how to read and write. Therefore, they were not only teaching uneducated and less fortunate, but the project aimed to help people give back to the community. I would like to suggest a much simpler project for us to do all at the same time, wherever we are. You can take a picture of the book you are currently reading and share it on social media with the hashtag #oneworldrotaryeclubreads.  We can introduce the book briefly so that it could be a nice suggestion for the next reading list, but we can also raise awareness to our very own One World Rotary E-Club!
I would also like to take the opportunity to share with you a project from Turkey. The Turkish Rotarians need help with a global grant for a project to fight with childhood cancer by using the NGS method. Details can be found in the following presentation:  click here
As another note, we will have our September fellowship meeting this Saturday 9.00 am Pacific time (16.00 UTC). It is always wonderful too see you at these gatherings different hours of the day, so please do drop by to say hi.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Yours in Rotary Service,
Ozlem Kocanaogullari
President 2019-2020

OWR Member and PeaceBuilder Robert Stewart passed away on 9 September 2019

Hurricane Dorian
Find out how you can help people affected by natural disasters.  With more than 1.2 million members worldwide, Rotarians are on the ground and ready to take action to help communities recover when disasters strike.

September Birthdays and Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Gabriella “G” van Rij (pronounced van Ray) - Sep 08; Sherlock Langevine - Sep 11; Analese Roman-Benn - Sep 12; Kean Bonnett - Sep 14; Bob Stewart - Sep 23 and Rob Miller - Sep 29.

Spouse Birthdays
Sandy Grasso-Boyd - Sep 23, Spouse of Bill Boyd and  Liza Williams - Sep 28, Spouse of Cliff Williams.
Wedding Anniversaries
Wayne & Marilyn Snyder - Sep 09, 30 years.

Rotary Anniversaries
Suresh Ranade - 3 years, Osbert James - 17 years; Bernie Janzen - 5 years; Celeste Newcomb - 6 years; Patricia Fisher - 1 year and Donna Prenta - 13 years.

Fire Truck to Belize
The Rotary E-Club of One World is raising funds to help one of our members, Nabil Bedewi, bring a Fire Truck to Placencia, Belize through the non-profit Believe in Belize.
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Attention OWR Members!
Members reporting their Community & International Service activities in August
Carol Metzker, Patricia Fisher, Bernadine Janzen & Robert Skankey.
Thanks a million!
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Momentum - Which direction is your club heading?
by Mark Huddleston
(Last month we featured Mark's presentation "Trajectory - Rotary’s membership crisis."  In this second presentation, membership specialist and Creatures of Habit author Mark Huddleston looks at simple ways to make a club more attractive, and also gives his top 10 tips for attracting younger members.  Please share your thoughts and ideas in the "Comments Area" at the bottom of this page.)
“Last month I released part 1 of a 2 part membership development series recorded in Rotary District 9670 earlier this year. I was holding off on this one, because it includes a promotion for Creatures of Habit which, until Friday, was out of print, but now I have plenty of copies of version 4, so here's the video.
Both videos are designed to get your fellow members looking at our membership challenges from a different perspective.
This second video gives some examples of how to innovate and use some of those ideas in a club setting to make your club more attractive, and features a few examples of how we focus on service, not meetings at the Rotary Club of Seaford.  DG Graeme Hooper arranged for me to fly to D9670 twice to present; once in Dubbo and once in Singleton, and he made a special request that I include some tips on what it takes to attract a younger audience.  So this video includes my top 10 tips for attracting and engaging a younger audience in Rotary.  I hope you can all make use of them.
I hope some of you can put this to good use.”
Your fellow Rotarian,
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