Rotary eClub of One World Member Dick Strayer

Meeting Date: 22 February, 2013

Prepared By: Nikita Nesynov & Dick Strayer


Classical music


Nikita Nesynov (Nik), or in his language, Несынов Ник, was born and raised in Siberia, Russia. The crime-filled streets of his neighborhood were filled with gangs, beatings, drugs, robberies. Nik was becoming a part of this when his parents arranged for him to become an exchange student in Michigan. Nik wrote of his activities before becoming an exchange student and experience of being an exchange student. He hopes to publish the book and donate the proceeds to charity.

Reading Nik's account of his Youth Exchange experience is enthralling. Reading how he moved from a potential gang thug to an ambassador of goodwill is exciting and rewarding. It shows how The Rotary Foundation's youth exchange program promotes: The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service. We are very pleased that Nik has joined our E-club of One World as he is the epitome of our club's motto--the Fourth Object of Rotary. Thanks to TRF and Nik.

Nik is also a talented classical pianist. He now lives on the shores of the Black Sea. Ironically on the other side of the Black Sea is Romania where George Firican lived who is our talented web master and put this program together. George now lives in Canada.

We are very proud of both of these young members.

Dick, President.



Nik performing:

Nikita Nesynov playing Beethoven - Pathetique Sonata 1:37 minutes



Nikita Nesynov playing Chopin - Edude of Revolution 2:00 minutes



Nikita Nesynov playing Chopin - Valtz 2:19 minutes



Nikita Nesynov playing Gershwin - My Love 1:14 minutes



Nikita Nesynov playing Lizt - Consolation 1:48 minutes



Nikita Nesynov playing Rahkmaninov - Prelude 1:55 minutes



Nikita Nesynov playing Shuman - Flight of Calibry 2:17 minutes



Nikita Nesynov playing another beautiful piece 2:22 minutes

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