Posted by Michael Henstra on Nov 02, 2018
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President Amina is recovering from a recent surgical procedure in a facility in Ghana that doesn't have Internet access.  She only has her phone to communicate, but she can receive email messages through the feedback link below.
This week's message is from our District Governor, Sandi Schwartz.  Governor Sandi rode 100 miles on her Peleton on October 23rd for World Polio Day. So far she has raised $14,250 US with the Gates 2:1 match to the End Polio Fund!
The theme for November in our Rotary world is The Rotary Foundation. We turn our focus on the Foundation and all of the works that it funds and provides.

I had very little money when I joined Rotary in 1994. I was the type of person described by Segal and Gale in their study with Rotary. I joined Rotary for my business, and my company paid my dues.
With two sons, 500 head of cattle, and a failing marriage, there was not much room in my budget for donations to The Rotary Foundation. So, I did everything I could to contribute in non-financial ways, through sweat equity instead of money. I published the weekly newspaper and mailed it out (it was the 90s – snail mail was all we had). My boys and I volunteered to work in every club project and fundraiser. I sat through our Charter Nights (our club’s annual birthday party where we give out Paul Harris Awards like the Academy Awards) and watched many others receive those awards that I knew I could never afford. My first Paul Harris Fellow was a gift from a Past District Governor to commemorate the work I did when she visited Kern County.
I share my story because I feel like there is extraordinary pressure for new members to contribute to The Rotary Foundation. After all, we are a service organization that raises money to do good in the world. However, we should all remember that new members should never be pressured to give more than they can afford – especially our younger members with young families. Membership in Rotary should not create a financial burden for the family. If you are young and finances are tight for now, contribute your time and talents to Rotary. There will be a time in the future when your children are out of your nest (and your wallet – really!) when you can contribute more to Rotary financially.
Notwithstanding this message, we should all keep in mind that we share a responsibility to ensure that The Rotary Foundation stays healthy and has sufficient resources to fund much needed projects around the world. As a District Governor, I have the ability to research a member’s giving. Many seasoned Rotarians have NOT given to The Rotary Foundation in years. NOT A DIME. Really??? I also see clubs who have large club foundations that have not contributed to The Rotary Foundation in years. Really???
November is our month to celebrate our Rotary Foundation. Let each of us review our giving to The Rotary Foundation. Let each club review its Club’s five-year analysis, which I have shared during my visits. Let me know if you can’t find it on the RI website. I will send it to you at no charge!! Analyze your giving as a member and as a club and make sure you are doing your part to keep The Rotary Foundation healthy enough to fund the great work of Rotary around the world.
Sandi Schwartz
District Governor 2018-19
Let’s all continue to BE THE INSPIRATION!!!
Yours in Rotary Service,
Amina Sammo
President 2018/2019
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