Dear One World Members,

The end of this Rotary year is less than two weeks away and that fact amazes me as the days and months have past so quickly.  Our club accomplished much during the year, and I am eternally grateful to all of you for making that possible.  

Thanks to your efforts and support the E-Club One World was able to make sizable financial contributions to two Global Grants:

  • one sponsored by RC Goleta Noontime that supports teachers in rural areas of Sri Lanka, and
  • one sponsored by RC Ojai for an economic development project aimed at women in Bosnia-Herzogovina.  

We also made sizable contributions to: 

  • construction of a maternity waiting shelter in Zimbabwe (RC Bulawayo),
  • a project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that provides healing services to women dealing with the trauma inflicted by years of war and terrorism, and
  • Polio Plus during the D5240 Pedal for Polio campaign

I am deeply appreciative of the time, talent, dedication and hard work on the part of Board members to strengthen and improve the way the club operates and the way we present ourselves to the world via our website and our programs.  In this latter regard, special thanks are in order for Webmaster Nabil Bedewi and Program Chair Lisa Dittmar, and to all the members who contributed programs during the year.  

Thank you all for the pleasure of working with you.  I look forward to the coming year and the excitement it will bring under PE Michael Henstra’s leadership. 



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