Posted by Michael Henstra on Sep 13, 2019
Momentum - Which direction is your club heading?
by Mark Huddleston
(Last month we featured Mark's presentation "Trajectory - Rotary’s membership crisis."  In this second presentation, membership specialist and Creatures of Habit author Mark Huddleston looks at simple ways to make a club more attractive, and also gives his top 10 tips for attracting younger members.  Please share your thoughts and ideas in the "Comments Area" at the bottom of this page.)
“Last month I released part 1 of a 2 part membership development series recorded in Rotary District 9670 earlier this year. I was holding off on this one, because it includes a promotion for Creatures of Habit which, until Friday, was out of print, but now I have plenty of copies of version 4, so here's the video.
Both videos are designed to get your fellow members looking at our membership challenges from a different perspective.
This second video gives some examples of how to innovate and use some of those ideas in a club setting to make your club more attractive, and features a few examples of how we focus on service, not meetings at the Rotary Club of Seaford.  DG Graeme Hooper arranged for me to fly to D9670 twice to present; once in Dubbo and once in Singleton, and he made a special request that I include some tips on what it takes to attract a younger audience.  So this video includes my top 10 tips for attracting and engaging a younger audience in Rotary.  I hope you can all make use of them.
I hope some of you can put this to good use.”
Your fellow Rotarian,
Mark joined the Rotary Club of Edwardstown in 1997 after 10 years in Rotaract. He was club president in 2006/07 and has served in many district roles including Assistant Governor and District Membership Chair, each for 3 years.
In October 2014, Mark saw an opportunity to start a new Rotary club in Seaford, and the process officially began in early 2015. The Rotary Club of Seaford chartered in November 2016 with 21 members, and within 12 months had risen to 28 members. The club is a shining example of innovation and flexibility, with a strong focus on hands on volunteering and less emphasis on meetings. In January it was featured in The Rotarian (US) magazine as an example of innovation to the Rotary world.
In this second presentation, membership specialist and Creatures of Habit author Mark Huddleston discusses why Rotary clubs haven't been able to recruit against their losses and how to turn the table.
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