Rotary Online Makeup Program

Meeting Date: 11 January 2013

Prepared By: Ulf Sandström


Swedish Rotarian Plays Swamp Music in Delhi

I'm your Swedish fellow Rotarian in One World, and my reason for joining this club is that I hope to network with other people like you, who have decided to make an improvement for somebody else in this world in one way or another before the lights go out.

Part of me works as an International Trauma Healing Consultant together with Gunilla Hamne in Peaceful Heart Network. Another part of me works as an artist, performing over 100 concerts a year in any part of the world that has a stage and a piano and wants to be excited and connected for a while.

Jump4Joy in Seoul at the Jarasum Festival: 4:49 min

My music of choice is a gumbo of Louisiana style swamp-blues-boogie-gospel-rock-whatever-makes-you-smile-music and I've been mentored by Clarence Frogman Henry in New Orleans since I was a kid. If you've ever heard or seen him (Ain't Got No Home/You Always Hurt The One You Love) you know his style as an artist is to
ENTERTAIN. In my book entertaining is connecting, and connecting is everything.

Last month my band since 20 years, Jump4Joy, flew over to Delhi, India to play at the Nobel Memorial Reception at the Swedish Embassy. Last year and the year before we toured the Concert Hall in Chennai, Soul Club Blue Frog (!) in Bombay and created havoc closing down Nehuru Park in Delhi at the Delhi Jazz Festival with over 12000 Indians dancing wildly.

Be My Guest - Jump4Joy - The Domino Effect: 3:18 min

You might think that an Indian audience would expect some typical Swedish music, like..... ABBA? but to be honest, nobody has everquestioned our mix of music, and again, I think it doesn't matter what is played as long as it is played from the heart. I grew up in the States among other places and for some reason the Louisiana kettle of tones and attitudes just fits the bill.

Ulf and Frogman may be seen in the above photo
I hope to entertain you one day.

Warm regards
Ulf Sandström

Here are two more music videos you can enjoy.

Jump4Joy do Jump For Joy: 2:55 min

New single Monkey from the album Tasty!: 3:03 min


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