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Welcome to Diwan Singh, one of One World Rotary E-Club’s newest members. On a 2010 Rotary National Immunization Day trip to immunize children against polio, Diwan was the guide and Carol Metzker, now a One World Rotarian, was the team leader (She supplied photos from that trip for this program).
My name is Diwan Singh and I am a travel consultant based in India’s capital city New Delhi. I was born and grew up in the beautiful valleys of majestic Himalayas in the North Indian state Uttrakhand. My early education was done in my hometown and after graduating with a degree in economics and geography I moved to Delhi.  There I started my carrier as a travel consultant in 2005 and continued my professional studies and successfully completed a master’s degree in tourism management. 
Jaipur, on a trip I led in 2010.
Over the years, I have travelled extensively and taken my guest travelers to every corner of India and our beautiful neighboring countries of Nepal and Bhutan. I specialize in tailor-made private family vacations and small group adventures. After successfully working for more than a decade in the tourism industry, finally I started my own small boutique travel company, leading ultimate holidays for independent travelers all across the globe. 

A highlight of the Rotary NID trip was a boat trip down the Ganges River. I tied a scarf to a pole and we had our own special flag. 
Along with the Rotary International, I am associated with the Red Cross society of India and a few other NGO’s working for the betterment of our society. In the past, I got an opportunity to work as a volunteer with many Rotarians from USA, Canada, France, Denmark and Australia which inspired me to grow as global citizen and contribute to the world in new and meaningful ways. Recently, I am part of a School4Freedom project led by the Rotarian Action Group Against Child Slavery.
Kids immunized against polio on one of the trips when I was a guide.

Traveling, reading and photography are my hobbies. My father is a retired Army soldier and mom is a homemaker. I am married to my wife Renu and we have two kids, daughter Garima and son Varun. 
Beautiful spots for travel, photography and reflection – the Ganges River at sunrise and sunset.
Welcome Diwan!
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